Dit zegt Lysanne Sizoo:

Our working relationship started from an argument. Maaike expressed her frustration at my lack of effort to bring my work under a greater audience, and she was countered by my fear of being ’too much’ in the market place. This created a dynamic of caution on my part and support and enthusiasm on hers that furthered our project in ways that I could never have imagined.

My experience of Maaike is that she uses a combination of creativity and sensitivity to understand more about the needs of her clients than they might do themselves. While she is respectful of personal concerns, she will not shy away from giving a gentle push in the right direction when she feels there is professional merit.

Her skills as a site builder, marketing expert and social media jockey are, in that sense, just an added bonus to something that matters much, much more when working so closely with people who have something to share, and no skills to share it. And that is respect.

Lysanne Sizoo, Author and Psychotherapist UKCP reg


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